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World Class Design Capabilities

We at Shinryo have always taken pride of our Total Solutions approach to our projects. But it is more than being able to offer a comprehensive package that results to efficiency and cost savings. It is being able to create synergy in all the steps involved in the project, and being assured of the consistency in quality. And that means excellence right from the first step – the design.

Thus, we created the Manila Design Center (MDC) in 1993, the first of its kind in the Philippines, which focuses on providing a wide range of design services for building MEPF services. You can be assured of its world-class caliber, as it serves not just the Philippine office but all the Asian branch offices of Shinryo as well. To date, it has been involved in more than 100 projects both local and international in various fields of construction including hotels, airports, high rise residential apartments, factories, hospitals, schools, offices, etc.

Aside from being able to export global quality CAD designs, MDC has the latest communication link to Japan’s design division enabling the promptest review, check and validation of designs. What’s more, MDC invests heavily on the training of its staff and in making sure that crucial processes such as design system communication and cost control systems are technologically advanced.

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