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Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Everybody who works for Shinryo (Philippines) Co., Inc., is responsible for Environment, Health and Safety. It is critical to the success of our business as cost, time and quality.

Environmental, Health & Safety is the barometer of a company’s capabilities and ethics. We therefore collaborate with external providers with strong management to eliminate construction-related accidents and injuries and to minimize environmental impacts, so we can maintain public trust in the construction industry while pursuing sustainable corporate progress.

1. We work to prevent accidents and incidents stemming from human error by focusing on the workplace, equipment, and site conditions and by practicing the Company Philosophy (1. Be fair and straight forward; 2. Do your best with all your effort; 3. Have leadership irrespective of Education, Age, or Nationality.) Practices as routine workplace procedures.

2. We strive to create safe and comfortable working environments by facilitating close communication between Shinryo (Philippines Inc. and external providers and by ensuring close coordination between people, machinery, and equipment.

Our goal is simply stated – To eliminate accidents that harm the People, the Environment and the Business.

Compliance with legislation is only the starting point in achieving our goal. Environmental, Health and Safety will be managed by focusing on the major risks and opportunities with incremental review and improvement against measurable targets.

We believe that the process is so urgent and important, we will provide the resources to find a safe and environmentally acceptable solution.



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