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Company Milestones

1956 Shinryo is founded.
1969 Shinryo receives an award for excellence from the Air Conditioning and Sanitation Engineering Council.
1970 Shinryo establishes its first research facility for air conditioning technology in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward.
1972 Shinryo is retained to provide HVAC, P&D systems for the Chorai Hospital in Viet nam, the company’s first overseas project.
1978 Shinryo’s Hong Kong branch opens.
1979 Shinryo establishes an independent International Division to specialize in overseas construction projects.
1982 Shinryo ( Hong Kong ) Ltd. is founded.
1983 Shinryo ( Malaysia ) Sdn.Bhd. is founded.
Shinryo’s Singapore branch opens.
1986 Thai Shinryo Ltd. is founded.
1987 Shinryo Engineering Co.,Ltd. ( Taiwan ) is founded.
1988 Shinryo establishes Computer Assisted Design Center to develop CAD systems for plumbing and duct work.
1990 Shinryo ( Philippines ) Co.,Inc. is founded.
Shinryo moves Research and Development Center in Tsukuba Academic Town.
1992 Shinryo affiliates are linked by an on-line system.
Technical Supervision Division is established.
1993 Shinryo’s Manila Design Center opens.
Shinryo’s Shanghai Representative Office opens.
1994 PT.Shinryo Indonesia is founded.
Shinryo’s Viet nam Representative Office opens.
1996 Shinryo ( Hong Kong ) Ltd. is awarded ISO9002.
1998 Shinryo ( Malaysia ) Sdn.Bhd. is awarded ISO9001.
Shinryo’s Singapore branch is awarded ISO9002.
1999 Shinryo Engineering Co.,Ltd.(Taiwan)is awarded ISO9002.
2001 KL Engineering Center opens.
Shinryo Singapore Pte Ltd is founded.
Shinryo Corporation is awarded ISO 14001.
2002 Thai Shinryo Limited is awarded ISO 9002
2004 Opening of Shinryo Engineering Center in HK.
2005 Opening of Shinryo’s Dubai branch (UAE)
Opening of Shinryo’s Macau branch
2006 Shinryo Philippines Inc. is awarded ISO9001:2008
2007 Founding of Shinryo Vietnam Corporation
2008 Opening of Tokyo Engineering Center
2010 Established the Administrative Division.
Established the (former) Tokyo Metropolitan Area Division (currently Tokyo Metropolitan Area Division and Urban Environment Division).
Established the Control and Instrument Engineering Division.
2011 Adopted an Executive Officer organizational system.
Constructed the new Takahama Plant and transferred functions from the Maizuru Plant.
2013 Established the Technical Supervision Division.
2014 Established the Marketing Supervision Division. / Established the CSR Promotion Division.
Established the Compliance Promotion Division.

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