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We at Shinryo are proud to be Asia’s preeminent building services engineering company, and we are continually renewing our commitment to provide cutting-edge technology to the region and to the rest of the world.  Shinryo is dedicated to total customer satisfaction through a total service approach. We design, install, and maintain a full line of building services systems: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for single buildings as well as entire city blocks; electrical systems; plumbing and drainage systems; and fire detection and prevention systems. We are also actively developing systems for such high-technology fields as semiconductor manufacturing and nuclear power generation.

Since its establishment six decades ago in Japan, a country where distinct seasonal variations place a premium on effective heating and air conditioning, Shinryo has been a pioneer in the development of advanced HVAC systems, and has established a reputation as an industry leader and earned the absolute confidence of customers worldwide.

In the twenty-first century building services systems will be subject to more stringent demands than ever, given the imperatives of such shared human issues as energy conservation and global warming. At Shinryo we are committed to develop technologies to address these issues while creating environments that prioritize human needs, and we are looking forward to the challenge of perfecting the next generation of systems – in Asia and around the world.

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